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This includes communal dining such as corporate buildings; schools; food halls including a "hawker centre"; internal eateries in venues; events; festivals and food delivery services such as meals on wheels.


The Terms and Conditions and the Service Description at the time of the approved order together authorises the “Agreement” between the Client and the Company.


1. Definitions 

Return Ware Limited (the “Company”, ‘We’, or ‘Us’) will supply the Products and services to our Client in accordance with the Agreement.  In the event of any conflict between the Service Description and the Terms and Conditions, the Service Description and bespoke order will take priority. 


The “Client” (‘You’, ‘Your’, ‘Customer’) is the Hirer who is receiving the hired products.


“Products” are the physical materials listed in the hired package.  This consists of the container, return station bin, bin sack, poster and any other hired material supplied by us.


The “Container” includes the stainless steel box and silicone lid.


“Service Description” is the set up, distribution and collection of our Products for hire at the Client premises and the cleaning process upon collection.  Our execution plan which covers our circular operation, shared knowledge on the implementation for your business to a more sustainable workplace through reuse, promotion and networking with invitations to collaborate with other local businesses. 


“Return Station Bin” drop off locations are business partners that solely collect the containers.


Return Ware Data is all data that Return Ware collects in the distribution of its service or in relation to our products.


2. Hire, Delivery and Collection

All Products provided by the Company are on hired contract and shall remain the property of Return Ware Ltd at all times.  All hired Products must be returned or collected by us after the order period.


We reserve the right to substitute with the nearest size of Product, should the original choice of product is not available.


A transport charge will be made if the Products are delivered or collected by us.


Your responsibility for our Products commences when you or your agent receive the Products and ends when the Products are collected by us.  Your responsibilities include safe keeping of the Products and protection against theft, vandalism or improper use.  You are responsible for communicating the return of the Products and making clear arrangements with us how the Products are collected at the end of the hire period.  


Any discrepancies in the order must be notified before delivery/collection with sufficient time for us to review and make amendments.  Queries on Products received must be notified immediately and within 24 hours of delivery as replacement items cannot be guaranteed on the day.  Queries regarding the accuracy of delivered Products must be notified upon delivery at the time that the Products are signed for.


The agreement terms set out should be bound in writing to form the contract between you and the Company.  We will only consider an order confirmed once we have written approval of the package fee by email or SMS.


The Client liaising with us and the Company in which they represent is responsible for the Products hired and any losses that may occur.


It is the responsibility of the Client to have a representative on site to accept, check and sign for the Products on delivery.


All dates which we discuss for distribution and collection will be made to the best of our ability and our times are approximate.  We will not be liable for any delays caused by any circumstances beyond our control.  


3. Client obligations

The Client must take reasonable care to ensure that Return Ware Products are stored in a safe environment to prevent theft with good working conditions.  The Products must not be neglected and stored properly to prevent damage.


The Client should understand the importance of maintaining the product quality and reputation of the Return Ware brand and service.  Refer to the How to Return Ware for staff and catering.


The Client must not misuse, mishandle, wilfully damage or alter the Products.


Nothing is to be attached or permanently written to the products without permission from the Company, this includes vinyl stickers, advertising and customer branding.  Charges to remove and clean this may apply.


There should be a clean, designated space provided for the Products upon delivery of the containers and Return Station Bin.  Return Ware should be granted access to the dirty containers and Return Station Bin during the agreed time of collection to take possession of all Return Ware Products for cleaning and maintenance.


Throughout the contract, the Client will record the data relating to the Services including but not limited to the inventory of the Products on site; the number of Products issued; the number of Products returned by Return Ware members per day; damaged items that are not fit for purpose to include an accident report.


4. Payment

Quotes are valid for 30 days and are subject to change based on further amendments to the order before the order takes place.  Payments to us are made by bank transfer or card payment to Return Ware Ltd.  Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the Client will make full payment of our invoice within 30 days of receiving the invoice.


The invoice for our Services shall be published by the Company once the order has been confirmed by the Client, which must be received at least 24 hours prior to the date of delivery.  


If it is known that there are late additions or missing items from an event package, an invoice will be sent to the Client after the grace period.  Any lost containers in the clients care will be charged at £10 per container.  Customer's products cannot be accepted as replacements of our products.   


Extended hire terms are available on request for a maximum of 14 days.  A late return flat fee of £5 will be charged per container if it is not returned or notified for collection after 14 days.


All prices quoted do not include VAT as we are not VAT registered.


Our package price reflects on a per order and 24 hour hire period.


We may increase the price of our Services with a 3 month prior notice on any effective change based on inflation and any external fees relating to our operation costs that are out of our control.


5. Cancellation

No request for cancellation shall be taken into account until notified to the Company in writing.


Event organisers must provide 24 hours notice from the delivery date to the caterer for an event cancellation.  


Clients on a subscription must provide 1 month notice if they wish to terminate or suspend their subscription.  During this 1 month period leading up to the cancellation date, end consumers should be able to return the containers to this location, where we will notify users that this location to be unlisted from our partnership at the given cancellation date.  All Return Ware products will be collected on the cancellation date.


6. Insurance and usage

We will not be responsible or liable for any injury, accident or damage caused through the use or misuse of the Products supplied.  


In the event of product failure or damage where the Product cannot be fit for purpose, the Client must notify the Company of the fault immediately.


The Company shall not be liable for any loss, damage or incident caused connection in the property.


Hired Products shall be at the Clients own risk from the time of delivery through to collection. 


On site Return Ware Products are only responsible for loss whilst the Products are in our possession.


We will assume that the Client will have insurance to cover the content of any hired items in their premises which includes our Products.


You must have a food safety certificate and may be asked to provide this should there be a claim made against our public and product liability insurance. 


7. Liability limitations

The Company’s full liability is limited to the contract agreed in writing and limited to the settled payment of the hired Products and Service Description.


The terms and conditions and any dispute in connection with the Products and services of the Company should be governed by English Law.


8. Data protection

The Company complies with GDPR and any data collected is stored on an order or contract basis as provided in the GDPR.   Such personal data received by you will typically include your name; email; phone number; address and skills set relevant to the contract.  This is necessary for us to contact you to discuss the order or contract.  If you object to us holding your data and would like us to delete it please email us at  We will never share your personal data to any third parties for marketing purposes and this will be kept confidential.  The only condition in which your personal data may be shared is to allow our subcontractors to carry out part of your order for completion and payment.


9. Intellectual Property

All intellectual property in connection with Return Ware Products, the Service Description or otherwise in relation to this Agreement shall be exclusively owned by Return Ware.


Throughout the contract, the client should grant us the use of their business name and logo in any marketing to promote the partnership and use of our Services.


Return Ware Limited.  Company Registered in England and Wales (13037201)

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